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The Forsyth County Georgia Democrats Pledge Drive is laying the groundwork for highly competitive races throughout 2020 within the county. Our county’s rapidly changing demographics and explosive growth in Democratic voting in 2018 are among exciting things occurring right in our backyard!

We’re asking you to become a sustaining member of the Forsyth County Georgia Democratic Party to help support our growing community.

UPDATE! (9/12/19)

We’ve now passed the $7,000 threshold for our campaign! We greatly appreciate your support as we’re on our way to $25,000. Your support greatly matters and the impact is significant.

What is our 2019 pledge drive goal?

The goal is $25,000 for our 2019 Pledge Drive, which can be a combination of sustaining monthly donations and one-time contributions.

What contribution are we seeking?

We’re asking for a monthly or annual contribution. A recurring monthly donation of at least $3 or a one-time donation of $50 or more. All one-time or monthly donations of at least $25 will receive a Forsyth County Democrats logo vinyl car decal.

Why is your pledge needed?

We need your pledge to support the operating expenses and rent for a permanent Forsyth County Georgia Democratic Party office. Our office will serve as the hub for party meetings, local gatherings, candidate training, and support for political candidates in the county. It’s a place for our community to come together.

To prepare for 2020, it is vital that we field candidates throughout the county and flip targeted seats. Your contribution helps in both candidate recruitment and training. You’ll support your neighbors and friends who are the next generation of campaign managers, field directors, and canvassers in Forsyth County.

It’s not all about politics. Your Forsyth County Georgia Democrats are dedicated to giving back to the community. From food drives to helping the most vulnerable of our community, the goal is to have charitable events throughout the year in order to help make a better community for all of our residents.

How to follow us on social media?

You can find us on Facebook @forsythcountydemocrats and on Instagram & Twitter @forsythdemga.

Did you know?

We are locally supported and not funded by the state or national party. Every penny you pledge stays locally right here with the Forsyth County Georgia Democrats. Your donation does not go to the state or national level. You’ll see your dollars at work directly in the Forsyth County Democratic Party.

In 2018, Forsyth County had the largest percentage gain of Democratic votes of any county in the State of Georgia.

2020 is critical for election efforts. Forsyth County will play a pivotal role in deciding the 7th Congressional race for U.S. House and will aid our U.S. Senate Democratic candidate in defeating current incumbent Senator David Purdue.

The Forsyth County Georgia Democrats provides a full treasurer’s report at each county committee meeting and the use of all funds are subject to the approval of the committees of the Forsyth County Georgia Democrats as we ensure full transparency in our use of funds.


Disclaimer: There is no cost to be a part of the Forsyth County Democrats, however, we do accept donations to help fund our operations.