Your support matters

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You love politics, you love candidates, and you probably get emails multiple times a day looking for donations. We know how it feels and will lay out the details of why it’s so important to support the Forsyth County Democratic Party!

We’ve begun our 2019 Forsyth County Democratic Party Pledge Drive and the future of our party depends on you and your generosity. What are we in need of and how can you help? Where are the funds going?

To support the operating expenses and rent for a permanent Forsyth County Democratic Party office. The office will be our hub for party meetings, local gatherings, candidate training, and support for political candidates throughout the county.

For 2020, it is vital that we field candidates throughout the county and flip targeted seats. Your contribution will help in candidate recruitment and training. You’ll be supporting your neighbors and friends who will become the next generation of campaign managers, field directors, and canvassers throughout Forsyth County.

It’s not all about politics. Your Forsyth County Democratic Party is dedicated to giving back to the community. From food drives to helping the most vulnerable of our community, our goal is to have charitable events throughout the year in order to help make a better community for all of our residents.

What are we in need of?

Our goal is $25,000 for our 2019 Pledge Drive comprised of sustaining monthly donations and one time contributions.

Did you know?

In 2018, Forsyth County had the largest percentage gain of the Democratic vote of any county in the State of Georgia.

2020 is critical for election efforts as Forsyth County will play a pivotal role in deciding the 7th Congressional race for U.S. House and will aid our Democratic candidates statewide to defeat current incumbent Senator David Purdue.

There is no cost to be a part of the Forsyth County Democratic Party, however, if you wish to donate, here are the suggested contributions: Students - $10, Individuals under 55 - $25, Individuals over 55 - $20 and Families - $40.