March 2019 General Meeting Recap

At our March 2019 General Meeting, we were joined by Michael Owens, outgoing Chair of the Cobb County Democratic Party, and Shelley Rose, Deputy Regional Director for the ADL Southeast.

Michael spoke about the transformation of the Cobb County Democratic Party and the actions that were taken to make that change. The Party began to seek out Democrats throughout the county, going to places that Democrats were never present, and engaging in a campaign that there are Democrats everywhere and they need to see that other Democrats are amongst them as well. Cobb has flipped several local seats and is aiming to take capture District Attorney and Sheriff in 2020. In 2016, Cobb County voted for Hillary Clinton, which was the first time in 40 years that the county went Democratic for President. Michael took several questions and gave great advice for our group.

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Our special presentation for the evening was by Shelley Rose, Deputy Regional Director for the ADL Southeast. Shelley walked through the role of the ADL, which is to fight antisemitism, hate speech, and the protection of all people that have been harassed or terrorized in society. In her presentation (see images in our photo gallery or Facebook page), she detailed things that people can do to get involved., which include the following:

  • Report an incident to your local ADL office

  • Speak out against “the little things”

  • Meet with your State Representative or Senator

  • Share FAQs about hate crime legislation

The current hate crimes bill was spoken about and our Chair, Melissa Clink, pointed out that all of our representatives in Forsyth County voted against the bill, which passed out of the house 96-64. The ADL also has a “No Place for Hate” campaign, which is developed for schools, that provides anti-bias training to students and adults. Several members from the Forsyth County Democratic Party will be working with the ADL to bring these programs to Forsyth County.

To learn more about the ADL, visit their website at

Wilma and George Turner gave a quick recap about attending Al Gore’s Climate Reality Training last week. Anita Tucker spoke about being dressed up as a handmaid (‘The Handmaid’s Tale’) at the State Capitol and at the Town Hall, which was last Thursday. We encourage all to continue to contact your local representatives regarding bills including HB481.

Eric Cohen