FCGDP Statement Regarding Firearm Safety & Training Event

Statement from the Forsyth County Georgia Democratic Party

This past Saturday, the Forsyth County Georgia Democratic Party hosted the National African-American Gun Association at the VFW Post 193 in Cumming, Ga to provide extensive firearm safety and training. That same day, mass shooting gun violence terrorized America yet again as it has more than 250 times this calendar year alone.

We as a society must differentiate between the responsible ownership of firearms, which is a 2nd Amendment right, and violent acts of terror in our beloved country. Our event exemplified how stereotypes of Democrats ring hollow. Democrats do not want to take away your firearms or right to own them. We want all firearms owners to be knowledgeable and responsible stewards of their firearms. As our instructors said, there are no accidents; only negligence. We encourage you to secure all firearms  in your house and vehicle. Model responsible behavior around firearms. Ask about the presence of unsecured firearms in other homes. Recognize the role of firearms in suicide. Tell your peers to engage in be SMART conversations that can help prevent child gun injuries and death.

Don’t let social or national media tell you what Democrats stand for; ask your local Democrat where they stand. We encourage you to have important conversations with your family, friends, and neighbors as it’s the only way we can fight back together against people in power that are trying to divide us.  We’re not monolithic, we’re the big tent party, and we welcome all into our home, which is filled with a wide array of viewpoints and perspectives. 

We’re here to promote firearm safety and common sense changes including background checks, keeping firearms out of the hands of abusers, and not having military grade weapons proliferating throughout the country. These are positions that are supported by an overwhelming majority of the American public to make this a stronger and safer country.

We, as the Forsyth County Georgia Democratic Party, will continue to defy stereotypes. We’re your neighbors, we’re your friends, we’re your family, and we’re an integral part of this community. When we shatter the myths and misconceptions, there’s so much that we can accomplish. While we won’t agree on everything, we can do so with respect and understanding that we all have the best interests of our county, our state, and country at heart.

Learn more about the organizations - Forsyth County Georgia Democratic Party (forsythdems.org), Bass Reeves Gun Club (BassReevesGC.com), The National African-American Gun Association (NAAGA.co), and Be SMART for Kids by Everytown for Gun Safety (besmartforkids.org).

Eric Cohen